Sports Quiz Play Now. You Have 30 seconds time in this quiz. In this time you complete Quiz. In this Quiz You Got 9 Questions and There 3/4 choose answer related Sports.

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Sports Quiz

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How many players are there on a water polo team?

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In what year were the Commonwealth Games first held?

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How many hurdles are jumped in a 100-meter hurdle event?

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How many horses are on each team in a polo match?

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How many players are on an Australian football (Aussie Rules) team?

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When was figure skating first contested at the Olympics?

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Which city will host the 2028 Olympic Games?

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Which three nations will co-host the Men’s 2026 FIFA World Cup?

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How many goals did England score (excluding penalty shoot-outs) at the Mens’ 2018 FIFA World Cup?

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